OK, so I tried to run the upgrade last night and I’ve ended up with a few issues. This could be my fault, however I did follow the instructions found on the debian website and had to resolve multiple dependencies.

The minor issues I’ve encountered:

  1. slocate appears to have been removed and replaced with mlocate.
  2. Apache is complaining about NameVirtualHost not being set anywhere for both *:80 and *:443, yet the config files show otherwise

The Major issues I’ve discovered:

  1. MySQL Server was uninstalled as part of the upgrade. The only way I have been able to re-install it is to run dpkg –set-selections < packages.list where packages.list was the file I created using dpkg –set-selections as part of the upgrade.
  2. BackupPC requires complete analysis of the config file to work out which parameters have not been defined in the old config so it will run.
  3. OcsInventory (admittedly installed from source so not a Debian problem) causes Apache2 to fail on startup owing to a missing perl module.

The solutions:

  1. Install mlocate and run updatedb
  2. Re-install OCSInventory and restart Apache2
  3. update the backuppc-config file using Meld to import the new variables and the backuppc wiki to migrate from v2 to v3.

Wasn’t that fun? :oP