One of the small issues that I’ve run into when deploying ActiveMQ/Mcollective is that there isn’t currently a repository for these packages.

If I get the resources, then I’ll try and set up a repository for both of these packages and their dependencies so that it’s easier to install, however for the time being you can create a local repo as follows:

First, make sure you’ve got a webserver that your servers can access.

Create a directory for the RPMS to live in – I’ve called mine “mcollective”:

mkdir mcollective && cd mcollective

Download the RPMS:

for a in tanukiwrapper-3.2.3-1jpp.i386.rpm activemq-5.3.0-1.el5.noarch.rpm activemq-info-provider-5.3.0-1.el5.noarch.rpm;do wget$a;done




Now create the repo:

createrepo .

Now create a repo file with the following content:


name=MCollective and ActiveMQ packages

Note the “gpgcheck=0” at the end of the stanza – this means that RPM/yum will not check the integrity of the files.  If anyone can post a one-liner in the comments section so I can enable this, please let me know!

Now you can follow the Mcollective on Centos tutorial and use “yum install” instead of wget and rpm.